Take A New Look at Hawkeye’s New Costume For the Series

One of the cool parts of this era of the MCU is the bold and more comic accurate costumes. The finale of Falcon and the Winter Soldier unveiled a 1:1 replication of Sam Wilson’s Cap suit from the comics and it looks like Hawkeye’s brand new costume in the show may be the purplest one yet. Check out this photo from the set which gives us a bonus look at Alaqua Cox as Echo.

While we’re likely never going to get the kooky quartet mask, this suit is absolutely a step in the right direction for the character visually. Most of Clint’s suits have been tactically drab; monotone and devoid of vibrancy so this such a welcome change. It also looks very similar to what Kate Bishop is wearing in some of the set photos so I’m guessing they want their Hawkeyes to look in tandem.

Source: Reddit


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