‘Snowpiercer’ Writer Chinaka Hodge to Write 6-Episode ‘Ironheart’ Series

Last December was huge for MCU fans as Disney announced several upcoming new Marvel Disney+ shows, in addition to the ones already in production, such as Ironheart, Armor Wars, and Secret Invasion. What seemed like a fanboy’s distant dream then is now turning into a reality as Marvel just hired their showrunner for Ironheart. Snowpiercer writer Chinaka Hodge will oversee the show’s writers room as they craft 6-episodes chronicling Riri Williams’ journey. Aaron Couch of THR also added that the pre-production on the show is set to begin this May, just in time for the writers room to begin.

I have yet to read up on some Ironheart comics as well as catch up on Snowpiercer. The former I’ve heard mixed things about while the latter I’ve heard promising things. I’m curious to see how a relatively new character like Riri would fare on-screen with a seasoned writer like Hodge at the helm. Overall, I think this bodes well for everyone looking forward to Ironheart.

Source: Variety


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