New Look at Zemo and John Walker in New ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Promo Art

We are a little over a month away from the premiere of the much anticipated Falcon and the Winter Soldier and it seems like the promotional campaign is about to kick in. Some brand new promotional art via Topps Digital Trading Cards have surfaced online, giving us a new look at some of the characters. Zemo and John Walker in particular are the ones that are really cool. Check them out!

As my favorite MCU villain, it is super surreal to see Zemo morph into the comic character fans are familiar with. I’m curious what the jump will be from the uber-grounded character he was in Captain America: Civil War to the sock-wearing maniac we know in the comics. Seeing U.S. Agent’s full attire is also pretty great. There’s been a lot of speculation on whether a trailer for the show is to be expected next week during Superbowl. If you recall, the first look for these Marvel D+ shows were revealed at this point last year. With Wandavision ending in a month, we should more official stuff from this show pretty soon.

Source: Screenrant


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