‘Loki’ Will Air on Wednesdays on Disney+ Starting June 9

Looks like Loki‘s premiere is moving up a bit and is getting a slight adjustment in its airtime. Instead of the usual Friday schedule that fans have become accustomed to with all these major Disney+ releases, Loki is switching things up by airing in the middle of the week, beginning June 9th. The show’s original release date was Friday of the same week, June 11th. No word as to why this change was made.

A sneak peek for the show aired on TV last night giving us a look at some of the world-ending shenanigans the god of mischief will be up to in the show. The more we see from the show, the more exciting it becomes. There’s so much weird, fantastic imagery in it that I hope it becomes a nice change of pace from Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s more grounded trappings.


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