‘Loki’ Disney+ Series Premiering on June

Marvel content in Disney+ is currently in full force for 2021 as WandaVision continues to be the talk of the town for several weeks straight which will be quickly followed by Falcon and the Winter Soldier in just a few weeks. However, the next Marvel Studios TV outing might come a bit later as it was just announced that Loki was being moved to June 11, from the original May date announced last December.

That’s not so bad since we do have Black Widow that is currently set to hit that May date, provided they don’t delay it for the millionth time. All in all, we have just so much to look forward to this year. With that June date, it’s now likely that Loki and Shang-Chi overlap when that premieres in July. There’s not gonna be a shortage of MCU stuff all year so it’s hard to really feel bad about the show getting moved to a month later.


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