Brand New ‘Loki’ Trailer Showcases a Ton of Alternate Reality Shenanigans

With only 3 episodes left for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it’s only apt that Marvel Studios begins its marketing push for its next big Disney+ outing, Loki, slated for June this year. Today, we got a new trailer showcasing a lot of brand new footage from this alternate chapter in the God of Mischief’s many lives. Check it out!

There’s so much to take in there. What stands out to me is how beautifully bizarre this whole TVA thing is set up. The production design looks appropriately weird and otherworldly. I’m getting some Lynchian vibes as to how the tone feels. Even though the trailer doesn’t give us enough details to chew on, it’s all enough to get someone like me immensely excited. I wasn’t hyped for this at all until I saw the first trailer they put out last December. Now, this is my most anticipated property in the MCU yet.


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